Distributed Hash Research

distributed hash research is dedicated to studying the mining ecosystem and producing content that empowers miners of all sizes and experience levels. For project consultation, hosting, or general inquiries, please email hosting@distributedha.sh

A Year in Review

Distributed Hash: A Year In Review Hindsight is always 20/20. Or in our case, hindsight was 2022. There were many days over the course of the year that the distributed hash partners looked at each other with concern, and had to figure out (in short time and with a constrained startup budget) exactly what to do to survive. Our earliest informal planning began late 2021, price was soaring above $60,000USD, everyone was wealthy and irrational, and we were seeing a massive hole in the market around privacy and security in the hosting space.
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Hashrate Assurance

Hashrate Assurance: A program towards 100% uptime in hosting facilities. Even in the ideal world of free energy and 100% facility uptime, you will still have the issue of machine level failure. While ASICs are incredibly robust machines, and can run for years on end without much more than periodic cleaning–inevitably something will break. Machine level ASIC issues are specific and arise from sources such as fans, control boards, chip failure, or even PSU overheating and bricking.
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An Introductory Guide to Choosing your Miner Hosting Company

An Introductory Guide to Choosing your Miner Hosting Company In the following article we will tease out the process of identifying the best host for your particular goals, and assist in negotiating terms that will allow you to hedge or eliminate your greatest risks as a miner looking for a hosting service. Ultimately, we believe that knowledge is power, and that by educating our industry we allow greater innovation to flourish.
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Effect of Mining Pants

The Effect of ASIC Exhaust ‘Mining Pants’ The bitcoin mining industry is astonishingly early in ancillary product development. Looking beyond the particular machine a Bitcoin miner is running and deeper into the setting and format of a mining operation will yield an absence of commercialized products. Managing heat, sound, electricity, and airflow in a mining operation are typically done by re-applying various existing commercial products, not by building entirely new things.
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S19 Orientation

Re-Orienting Antminer S19s for Improved Performance and Power Density The following research brief aims to introduce early data on the effects of mounting 42 Antminer S19j Pro machines of various terahash ratings, either vertically or horizontally, in a commercial mining facility and the consequences on power density and performance while running both stock and aftermarket firmware (Braiins). Download the report here.
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