Distributed Hash Research

distributed hash research is dedicated to studying the mining ecosystem and producing content that empowers miners of all sizes and experience levels. For project consultation, hosting, or general inquiries, please email hosting@distributedha.sh

Mind your PSU

Same In Name Only: A Critical Flaw Discovered in Whatsminer PSUs It is anecdotally expressed that MicroBT Whatsminer ASICs are more robust machines than their competitors under difficult mining conditions. Rough data suggests that Whatsminers will hash under more severe heat and cold when compared to their Antminer competitors. However, this rough comparison is incomplete as various Antminer models exceed Whatsminers in efficiency and have more resources for third party tuning via firmware.
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Beyond the kWh

Beyond the kWh: A Decision-making Framework for Bitcoin Miners. What various Whatsminer Models Tell Us. The bitcoin mining space is rife with anecdotes, best practices and old wive’s tales about ideal operating conditions for ASIC computers. Beyond this, the market is only beginning to discuss environmental factors, contracting, and alternative cooling mechanisms. For example, newer market entrants like MicroBT Whatsminers and their various M30S ASIC models are often seen as excellent hardware, but are comparatively under-studied relative to market competitors.
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